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Using Lavender Oil for Anxiety: Myth or Magic?

Traditionally known for its calming effects in aromatherapy, lavender essential oil has been a well-used choice for anxiety relief. It smells great and inhalation has even been shown to calm dental patients and women in labor. And it’s all natural.

Although commonly used in aromatherapy, research indicates that taking lavender orally is much more effective in delivering the natural chemicals that reduce anxiety. While inhaling the aroma can be calming, it doesn't measure up to the effects of ingesting lavender pills.

Why Consuming is Better than Aromatherapy

While aromatherapy has its merits, it falls short in the scientific-backing of the “steam-extract of lavender” that lavender pills have on anxiety management. Serenity revolutionizes anxiety reduction by allowing the easy consumption of the active component of lavender, ensuring accurate and efficient delivery for effective anxiety relief.

Crafted to harness the therapeutic potential of lavender, Serenity stands out with its use of steam extract of lavender oil and the addition of other natural ingredients. This concentrated formula ensures the promised therapeutic benefits are effectively delivered.

Natural Supplements to Reduce Anxiety

Beyond lavender, Serenity incorporates the best natural supplements for stress and anxiety—passionflower, chamomile, and lemon balm. This powerful blend addresses anxiety from multiple angles, providing a comprehensive and effective solution for anxiety reduction.

Encapsulated in a small, lemon-flavored capsule, the blended supplements make consumption easy and enjoyable. This innovative encapsulation provides a practical and effective means to combat anxiety naturally in your daily life. We also added lemon-balm to combat the “lavender-burps” found when taking other lavender based products.

Serenity for Anxiety

Taking Serenity is simple, as it is in softgel form. Adults can consume up to two softgels per day, integrating them into their routine to support mood and diminish anxiety. Alternatively, take them as-needed during particularly anxious or stressful times.

If you're seeking natural solutions to reduce anxiety, consider purchasing Serenity today. You can also subscribe for ongoing support and a price reduction!


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