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Zoom CELLF™ 3 month Subscription
Zoom CELLF™ 3 month Subscription
Zoom CELLF™ 3 month Subscription
Zoom CELLF™ 3 month Subscription
Zoom CELLF™ 3 month Subscription
Zoom CELLF™ 3 month Subscription
Zoom CELLF™ 3 month Subscription

CELLF™ 3 month Subscription

Rebuild and protect your cellular health

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Cellular health nutraceutical gel. Engineered with a natural biological delivery system to pass through your gastric environment unchanged and deliver directly to your cells.

Formulated with bioactive compounds clinically studied in more than 145 human studies to positively impact your brain, heart, skin and muscular systems.


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Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $50
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Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $50

CELLF is a clinically validated formula proven to boost energy and focus on a cellular level, while protecting against the negative effects of oxidative stress. Our meticulously researched superblend formula is designed to add healthy years to your life, increasing your healthspan so you can feel better, longer.

Contains nuts

When your cells are stressed, it can produce an undesirable domino effect throughout your body. CELLF is designed specifically for those who find themselves needing an extra boost in focus, energy and exercise recovery, especially after age 30.

Chronic inflammation
Low energy
Poor sleep quality
Brain fog
Poor physical recovery

Adults should take one packet (10 ml) daily with* or immediately following a meal, preferably in the morning. Due to CELLF’s nootropic properties and natural energizing effect, we do not recommend consumption in the evening.

*Do not mix, blend or add CELLF to hot beverages or food, as this may affect absorption and efficacy.

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$248.00 Regular price $248.00
$248.00 $294.00

The modern multivitamin for your cells.

You are made up of more than 37 trillion cells, all with different functions and lifespans. When you focus on their health and give them the support they need, it can cascade into truly wonderful health benefits across all of your biological systems.

Engineered with bioactive compounds that support:

Brain & nervous system

Acts as a neuroprotectant

Contributes to optimal neurofunction over time

Enhances short-term memory and attention

Performance & recovery

Stronger output during aerobic exercise

Increased muscle power

Improved recovery time

Reduction in exercise-induced muscle fatigue during and after exercise

General improvement in physical performance

Heart & circulatory health

Supports healthy heart & endothelial function

Promotes healthy blood pressure & LDL cholesterol levels

May enhance cardiac ATP production 

Protects heart tissues from oxidative stress

Metabolic system

Contributes to healthy aerobic metabolism

Promotes healthy liver detoxification

Supports the metabolism of fat in the liver

Promotes metabolic efficiency through the optimization of cellular function

Inflammation & immune response

Promotes a reduction in inflammatory markers IL-6 & IL-1

Enhances immune cell response to inflammatory signaling

Preventative inflammatory support

Multi-system support

Promotes an improvement in sleep quality over a 6-week period

An increase in sustainable, natural energy, alertness and activity levels 

Reduction of fatigue and/or general tiredness 

Cellular function & healthy aging

Protection from oxidative cell damage due to both internal and external factors

Contributes to the production of cellular energy

Inhibits the overaccumulation of reactive oxygen species and other free radicals

Increases the efficiency of mitochondrial ATP production (energy) and cellular respiration

Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis and increases mitochondrial efficiency

It’s what’s inside that counts

Your cells deserve the best; an extensively researched,
technology-driven formula engineered to deliver impactful results.

An Overview

Each single serve sachet contains 10ml of natural, vanilla flavored liposomal liquid gel for daily oral consumption.


Actively reduces free radicals and reactive oxygen species within the body, protecting cells and preventing tissue damage.†

The Blacklist

What’s not in CELLF is just as important as what is. Our formula is 100% free of caffeine, lactose, fillers, corn, wheat, soy, egg and GMOs.

Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol)

Improves the speed and efficiency of mitochondria, facilitating more energy production and availability at a cellular level.


Transfer molecule designed to protect CELLF liposomes during the digestive process, allowing armored passage to the intestinal tract for full absorption.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

Provides neuroprotection and stimulates the increase of mitochondrial numbers, improving function and resulting in more efficient, natural energy production.

We mimic a naturally occurring biological process to ensure safe transfer through your digestive system and direct cellular delivery.

“Biomimicry” is a relatively new technology. With CELLF, we mimic a biological process called “receptor mediated endocytosis,” which enables your cells to “eat” and absorb the compounds directly into their intracellular complex.

We are pushing biosciences beyond the expected and comfortable.

We believe it’s possible to add more valuable, enjoyable life to your years through rebuilding and protecting your cellular health.

Cellf Spoon
CELLF™Traditional SupplementsGreen Powders/ Multivitamins
Supports & defends multiple biological systems (brain, heart, skin, digestive, muscular) by focusing on the health of your cellular system
Formulation backed by 145+ human clinical studies
Rare Unknown
Direct cellular delivery ("biomimicry") in the jejunum (2nd part of the small intestine)
Supports cellular energy systems
Survival through digestion
Evidence-backed dosage
Rare Rare
No skip-lot testing and heavy metal, allergen and microbial 3rd party testing at accredited laboratories
Rare Rare
Heat tested to ensure stability through shipping conditions
Undergoing multiple clinical study tracks to determine effectiveness in preventing certain chronic conditions

You've got questions? We've got answers.

What are CELLF's ingredients?

CELLF by Mikra contains the following ingredients:

- Glutathione
- CoQ10
- Lactoferrin

Other ingredients: Natural almond butter, glycerin, medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil), oleic acid (from olive oil), phosphatidylcholine, natural clove oil, orange oil, cinnamon oil, vitamin E (as D alpha tocopherol) and vanilla bean extract

Also contains: Milk, tree nuts (almond)

What does CELLF taste like?

CELLF contains natural flavoring elements like pure vanilla bean extract and orange, clove, and cinnamon oils. However, we’re going to level with you. It isn’t designed to taste good. We didn’t set out to make the best tasting cupcake frosting in the world; we set out to make the most potent and bioavailable supplement to support your fundamental cellular health. Here’s why that impacts taste:

Treat your cells: We use meticulously sourced, 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar or excess fillers. CELLF may be nourishment for your cells, but it isn’t food.

Potency: The precise dosage of each key ingredient in CELLF is backed by extensive scientific evidence and was selected in order to deliver maximum results at safe levels. The potency and volume of the star ingredients do impact flavor. As we evolve and improve our formula, taste will remain a primary focus but never in sacrifice of the level of efficacy.

Effect: Why liquid gel, you ask? When certain micronutrients (like glutathione) are consumed orally, they end up being destroyed by your gastric environment before your body has the chance to use them properly. Encapsulating key nutrients within a liposome while also paired with transferrin glycoprotein ensures your supplement not only survives digestion to reach its destination, but can also be fully absorbed and delivered to your cells. The chosen form factor is ideal for this technology specifically.

How does CELLF work?

CELLF is an intensive superblend formula that contains clinically tested ingredients and a 2-stage delivery mechanism to boost energy and focus on a cellular level. †

When consumed, CELLF counteracts the effects of stress and damage on your internal cellular system and brings your body back to homeostasis so you can get back to being your best self, starting from the inside out.

How will CELLF help me?

CELLF supports an increase in energy and focus on a cellular level, a boost in cognition and memory recall and promotes the reduction of chronic inflammation at the source.†

How does manufacturing in an oxygen deprived environment benefit me?

Being locally manufactured in an oxygen deprived environment helps ensure maximum efficacy of ingredients, providing you an effective, potent formula.

When can I expect to feel the effects of CELLF?

CELLF[1] is all about consistency. Everyone's body is different, but many people feel results in as a little as 24-48 hours depending on the state of your cellular system. Some people feel dramatic effects immediately, while others feel them slower; potentially not even realizing it's working until they stop and think about it. As long as you continue with your daily intake, those bioactive compounds are doing their work to boost and fortify your cells to enhance your health.

Does CELLF contain any allergens?

CELLF contains dairy and almond tree nut butter. However, CELLF is non-GMO, and egg, corn, gluten and cruelty free.

Where is CELLF made?

CELLF by Mikra is made in California, USA.

Why isn't CELLF a capsule?

The combination of our iron-binding glycoprotein (lactoferrin) with a liposomal barrier provides impenetrable protection to get CELLF through digestion intact and delivered directly to your jejunum (mid-small intestine) to be distributed to your blood plasma and concurrently, your cells. At this time, the chosen form factor is ideal for this technology.

I have more questions.

We welcome all questions! You can reach out to us at We look forward to hearing from you!


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